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Very good!!!

Great app.

Amazing translations. Very easy to use. I try several languages with native speaking people. They all agree that the translation are very accurate. Good job guys.

Funktioniert super gut!

Es macht was es soll....(:-))

I like it

Really its helpful , you can ask anything in your language and translated in well grammatical way

I was expecting something better

Well, i thought it can translate better then google. It doesnt...


Just what I need, thank you.

Always needs Internet!

Please make offline available to this one too. There are 2 Apps from these folks and very similar but only one every couple of years receives developers attention! So, some of us keep switching between this and the other one!

Need A Translation? Get this App!

A very good app! Worth getting!

Worst app ever!!! Do not waste your money

I downloaded the app and upgraded to the Pro version to help me on a tour. I upgraded to ensure that it would work flawlessly. IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Instead of recording and translating for me, it kept saying ERROR!!! Worst F***ing app ever!!! I wish I could get my money back. Horrible!!!!

Almost adequate

It works. That part is good. It needs wifi or data to function. That part is expensive and ridiculous.

Terrible Voice Recognition

Not pleased at all. Have to repeat yourself several times before app understands what your saying if it ever does. A waste of 9.99 for me.

Wonderful app. You need it all time

Accurate, easy and helpful. Highly recommended

Excellent app

Easy to use and reliable


Im upset because I spent my money before I could try it this app does not translate Greek to English or I should say what it translates is completely wrong fortunately I speak both languages and I can understand what its saying

Amazing App!

This is so helpful when I have to translate from English to Cantonese. Thank you so much!


Doing so well, English translate to Chinese. I am Chinese anyway.


Misunderstands almost every word I said and I have no accent. Simple words like "City" thinks I said "Diversity?" Needs more work. Disappointed!

Great apps

Used it on a lot of my trips and it was very helpful. People I wanted to relate to had no problem understanding whatever I wanted.


I updated to pro recently for a trip to Mexico. It was amazing to be able to communicate in Spanish with our maid over WiFi. All I needed to do was speak a word or sentence in English and the app would speak it back almost in real time in Spanish. I would then put the mic in front of her and she would speak to me in Spanish and it would translate and speak back to me in English. The accuracy is mind blowing as I‘ve tested it with folks of other languages as well and they all agree that it is “Star Trek level amazing”! Any time that the app wouldnt recognize what I was saying it didnt matter as you can manually type in the intended words. My only gripe (and its big) is that the thing sucks when not connected to WiFi. It was super annoying! Over LTE or 3G Id say something and it would either process for way to long or it would hang/crash indefinitely (infinite loop). The work around was to just manually type what I needed translated but this became frustrating in taxis or whenever I needed to say something quickly. All in all, this is one of my favorite apps in the store and this company has done an incredible job. I have recommended it to many folks and I think getting it is a no brainer if youre about to or are currently traveling somewhere where they dont speak your native tongue. I would give this app an enthusiastic 5 stars but I cant because of the annoying off WiFi snafus. Get this app and upgrade to pro. You will love it. Promise!

My favourite translation app!

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