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Great so far...

Got this app to assist me with meeting the needs of my ESOL students & conferring with their families about their childs academic progress. Great so far.

No instructions

It seems to work very well but there are no instructions to read. I did manage to figure out how to translate Frases fairly quickly though. I think it is definitely worth the money. I would also like to be able to embrace past Frases which I dont think can be done right now.

Not good for me.

Recording time is very short. Please add option to extend recording time. Thank You!

Incredibly Helpful

I have been using this app in my clinic for several weeks and have generally used the Spanish translation from English to Spanish. My patients then speak Spanish into the iPhone and it translates moments later to English. I am very happy with the app and it recognizes many medical terms. Thank you for his app.

Almost great!

This works perfectly, but i wish that one of the languages that you could translate from voice to text is Bengali. I work with a lot of people and would like to know what their saying or even practice and greet them in their own language. Since I do not know how to write in their language I wish they could just speak into my phone and I could read in English what they just said.

I love this app

I really love this app, especially the phrase book feature. I only wish they would add the option to switch between formal and informal to address different people in certain languages like French and Spanish.


Very nice program. Easy to use very fast and the voice Is great. Everyone needs this app. Get it now.

Totally awesome!!!

Ive used other apps to aide in teaching my grandbabies to learn German. Best feature..hearing the phrase you want to say!! Much better than other apps just wished it was free but well spent $$!

Good UI, Bad Translations

The UI and functionality is very good. Even though, half of the translations from English to Turkish did not make any sense. And I made sure to use basic and correct sentences too. It is a useful app but it is definitely not worth the $7 if the translations are wrong half of the time.


I love this app!

Phrases and Everything. Perfect for Sales

I love this app. I sell cars at a Chevy dealer and there are definite language barriers between myself and some of my Hispanic or Somali customers. Simple words are easy for me to explain but once it is necessary to get into terminology or they have a specific question, this app has been invaluable. Not only does it get us through the language barrier it really puts folks at ease knowing theyre able to communicate properly. For the price of your coffee this morning you need to pay the few extra bucks, its totally worth it. Unless you like missing out on opportunities and potential clients. Lol Thanks guys keep at it.

Love the app

Very useful! And the ease of use is awesome! Cant wait to take it over seas with me. In the interim, using it for self-education!

Dont buy this

It simply didnt do the job

Totally inaccurate

The interface is very nice but translation is totally inaccurate. Need to work on the correct translation.

Great to translate English to Spanish and mandarin

Great to translate English to Spanish and mandarin, but the downside is that always s needs internet connection

Works great

Wow.. Super app. Easy to set up and use. Worth every penny


Awesome. Unbelievable. Try it. You will like it. I am sure!

Very good. Worth my money. Way more convenient than google translate.

Like this new version because it has the voice recognition both ways. You can speak in your chosen language and it reads the translation back to you. Now I started to use this app.

Works great!!!

This app is absolutely awesome. It works great and the best part is you can translate either direction. Also, you have the ability to say phrases and to text or email your translated text.

Perfect app

Never went wrong with it *****

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