iTranslate Voice App Reviews

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I cant even imagine the amount of work that went into creating this app. I use it to fine tune my Spanish grammar, especially verb conjugations and past/present tenses. Its excellent. Good job team - highly recommended.


The very best.

Been using this app for years.

Usually to translate Greek to English and vice versa. Spot on app for iPhone.

What happened?

The translation cuts off in the beginning and is audible at the end. Please fix.


The voice speaks too fast to follow. Please slow it down a bit.

Great app!

Great app. It translates pretty accurately because I confirmed from a native speaker.

Very Useful

I use it everyday. I have a crew of 12 who speak 6 different languages.

Awesome app

I am a police officer and I use this app a lot. It works great even for the obscure dialects.

I love it!

I work for a major airline and assist customers from all over the world. I would be lost without this app. I "conversed" in Farsi, Spanish, French, Cantonese, and more on an almost daily basis with this app.

iTranslate Voice DOES!

iTranslate Voice does translate quite well. It cannot understand my West Tennessee accented Spanish but it works great with my "English" to other languages. It even does fairly well when translating to another language and back to the original.

A Great Help

We have an Italian visitor (no English). This app has been a life saver.

Volume Issue still after 11-30-16 update

I follow in line with the review of the volume. I went to Apple, they tested it and tell me it is a App issue. The beginning of the translation is inaudible. App works great on iPhone 6 and droid. The translation is played for me will Im driving. Really useless without the volume. Please please fix this. I am using iphone 7 plus. 256GB. The other issue I have is that it does not detect the end of speech. Also if I am playing iTunes then I try to translate my music comes through the app. Update November 30th. So I just updated. I figure they fixed the problem with the volume. Very soft at the beginning. Nope. Still has the same issue. Can someone please fix this. The app used to be useful. It is not useful like this.


This seems to work, pretty good. I will be testing it out, @ work tomorrow. I deal with a lot of Spanish & Korean speaking people.


Have been using this for uears now. Always does what I need and has worked on every phone since iPhone 4!! So hard to find an app that keeps updating like this.

Great app!

iTranslate has proved to be very useful, both for our dual language family and for talking to limited English speakers working at our house. It works quite well whether translating individual words or phrases or sentences. While there are sometimes issues when a word has multiple meanings, overall we have been very happy with this app. Highly recommended!

Language I want to learn does not work!!!

Waste of money. I want to learn Greek and when I try to translate English to Greek I get an SKerror where the voice does not work.

Too Quiet

Good translations, but the voice is too quiet to be considered useful.


Great app! Schools me properly from old school dialect I grew up with TO proper speaking ! Great App!! Sausage King!

Great APP

I use this at work where I deal with a lot of hispanics.

itranslate ut does.

App is really good. Was skeptical at first until i tried it out one day with my girlfriend that speaks french.

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