iTranslate Voice App Reviews

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My go to app for translating!

Ive had nothing but good experiences when I try to communicate in different languages this app has never failed me

I love this app

Excellent when Im abroad. Especially when I use voice translation with my neighbor. Great app

Wow awesome

We had a guy from Japan which I was able to have a 30 minute conversation with using this application. Worth the download...

Horrible app. Doesnt understand words and makes the worst interpretation

Dont use this to save your life

I translate

At first I was a little skeptical then I tried it. I speak some Swedish and was very surprised how accurate it was. Its a great app!

Farm manager

A lifesaver on the dairy farm I manage!

This app

Im loving this app its very helpful with my travels thank you much

Good translator

I used this app to talk to an older Chinese woman on a plane. I kept the messages simple but we were able to communicate because of it!

Money well spent

I have used this app to talk to a Russian lady that speaks no English. Made my job a lot easier

Missing 1 major capability

... cant paste copied info

My French Tutor

My primary method of studying French lately has been to type or speak sentences in English and let this app translate. Recently I wrote an essay for my real, human, French tutor, and she marveled at how perfect my French was. I did tell her that I cheated. I also read short stories in French, and constantly check words on the app for the meaning and pronunciation. Its been a superb study tool.

Love this app

It is so easy to use and also speaks the word or phrase


Translation is a mess. Thai error is serious. I need my money back. Money is a waste. Its a crappy app. disappointed.


Perfect translation from English to Arabic Thai to English is good anyway! We need more from you support. Perfect job in speech translation!!


Total waste of money! No internet, NO USE FOR THIS PROGRAM! Does not work offline, although advertised that it does! Buyer beware! Another scamster company!

Do not purchase

Has failed to function within hours of purchase. Will not translate most fundamental words such as "hello"

Awesome app

Really works. Even for Mandarin Chinese. Very impressed.

Great app!!

This App was a great tool that came in very handy when I had the opportunity to take a gentleman hunting who spoke no english, only simplified Chinese! Worked great!!

Absolutely wonderful!!

I have used with four different languages, and everything worked perfectly every time. Highly recommend using this app

Fantastic app, expands my client base

Great app, I am able to work with Spanish speaking clients without having to have an interpreter. Saving money and expanding my client base. Also learning Spanish as I go. Well worth the money

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