iTranslate Voice App Reviews

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iTranslate- fabulous possibilities!

Love this app. Clean interface and perfect voice recognition

Dont leave home without it

Very useful. Works well.

Amazing app

Makes travelling in a foreign country so much easier. Easy to use and extremely accurate. Highly recommended

Very handy at work

This app has solved more than one language barrier in the ER I work in.


The voice recognition is so pathetic. I have others like Googles app which is far more accurate.


Not all countries are in there.


Just love it! Great assistant for Spanish classes and general study. You just cant beat it for ease of use and all-round function.


Totally useless! Dont waste your money.

I wish the Cantonese was more accurate

I also wish it wasnt so expensive

Life saver!

Lost without this now. What a amazing app!!


The app works and translates as stated. However, the voice is too quiet to use and no one can hear it. The interface is complicated at first because its not intuitive. They have attempted to practice minimalism for a clean look but that has merely made it difficult to use. You have to press buttons to find out what they do - which is counter intuitive for UI design. So, increase the volume and clean up the UI. Also adding a repeat audio button next to each translation bubble will make it easier for the person that Im translating for to press and repeat the phrase.


Love this app! Where was this when I went to school !!! Its great- Five stars for sure!

Not accurate yet

Unfortunately is still far from being accurate. Japanese-English-Spanish it gives me sometimes a rude and non-sense answer. But it has a lot of potential.

I use this translator all the time

Im finding Im relying on this translator all the time now. Both of my children are in French immersion schools, so its become essential in our daily living, as I need it to help them with homework. Although I do wish it was more accurate in understanding what Im saying. It doesnt seem to understand me when I speak French, which is fine because Im sure my accent isnt very good, but it should at least understand me in English. In comparison, Siris writing this with voice to text, and is almost perfect. Nevertheless, since I can type in corrections when it makes mistakes, its still the most comprehensive translator Ive found. As an odd little note, while it doesnt seem to understand my English very well, a friend of mine who speaks Mandarin tried it out, and said it was perfect! Its largest drawback for me is that it takes data to work, and I dont have a plan that works when Im out of country. So on vacation I would only be able to use this app if I was within Wi-Fi range.


すばらし!!this is a fantastic app!!! However there is one thing I noticed, when it comes to learning the language unless you know the rules of the language, it isnt for beginners. However it is perfect for advance learners. Pleased!!!!!

Fantastic translator

I travel extensively and have used this app with multiple languages like Spanish Chinese dots German and French. I have found the translation and ease-of-use to be extraordinary. I highly recommend this app for anyone who travels or wishes to communicate with people of a different language.

Very helpful

Thank you for the translation


Awesome! Very accurate

iTranslate Voice

So sad to get what seemed like a great tool to help welcome Syrian refugees , only to find that none of the three Arabic languages offered will be of use, as the Arabic spoken in Syria and Lebanon is different to those offered ! :-(

Korean to English back-and-forth

I have been using it for two days now. Definitely the best translating app I have seen

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