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New language

I wish you would include Guam and the Chamorro language. After all it is a U. S. territory.


I got this app while in Switzerland and had it for the free 7 Day’s tried to cancel a day early and couldn’t. The app wouldn’t let me so I went to giggle translate and it’s free all the time and it is a lot better than any of the translator offered here.


I’m trying to translate a song but it won’t work horrible just horrible

Best app ever!!!

Honestly I didn’t think this would be a great app at first...but then my car broke down in a mostly Hispanic community...I was back on the road in no time at all!!!

Great tool for improving my pronunciation

I’m reading text in another language to test my pronunciation. I know I am improving when the app spells the text I’m reading exactly as the source.

Traductor voice is too fast

La velocidad de la traductora es muy rápida y no sé cómo ajustarla. No se entiende lo que dice.

Didn’t work for me

Worst app I’ve ever used. Wish I had never purchased it. Tried it in Italy and it couldn’t understand me and made up things I never said. Could not get it to translate even single words.


Decrease voice response/return time. I use the app in place of a German to English dictionary, but after speaking the German word I have to wait too long before the English word is returned. Also, sometimes the app is not able to distinguish the subtle differences between spoken words. For instance the German words: “mehr Meer mir” really pose a problem for the app. It seems to not be capable of distinguishing differences in these. It would be nice to have a field where the word could be typed when voice detection just will not lead the user to the translated word they seek. This would also help those beginners who simply have not yet developed their ability to pronounce words correctly in the language (here for me German) they are learning.

Cool app

Nice app works well just make sure who ever speaks projects their voice into the phone with limited background noise

A dream, realized.

What’s not to love about this app ? After a conversation with a shopkeeper in say, Paris...You’ll realize the implications.

Use to be good but doesn’t work anymore

Will not pick up when you talk anymore. Use to be good

Fail of an app

This is a fail of an app. I don’t speak Spanish therefore when I “speak” the unknown Spanish word I can’t pronounce things at all and the app dictates something completely random. Such a fail!

Very Minimalistic, works great, but...

I love how user friendly the app is, however I think it should expand its reach if available languages. I lived all summer in Estonia and I used Google translate instead because Estonian was not available on the app, in addition to other languages. Please get more!

Very good

Very good

Poor ability to translate in real time

I tried using this app to translate German to English in real time. It would listen to entire 1 minute of conversation and come back detecting only one eins (a), und (and), or frau (woman or Mrs). This app is useless for detecting a conversation. There is no “Manage Subscriptions” link in the settings (and it doesn't show up on my managed apps in iTunes so now I have to go hunt down how to unsubscribe so my 3-day free trial doesn’t turn into a $3.99/mth hit.

The very best!

The best translation tool I’ve ever used.

Minus 2 stars for the “rate us” pop up

I know how to rate apps and don’t need an app to show a pop-up that cannot be dismissed. If you tap on the pop-up, the app also tries to prevent you from rating it if there’s something you don’t like. It does this by taking you to an email interface instead of the App Store.

I love it

I have used this ab in different countries. What would I have done without it?! I have recommended it to many friends.



Norse & Irish girl

This is a really fun app! If you have relatives that speak a different language it's great to use!!! If you want a: learning/mind/memory app (‘game’) its excellent 👌🏽 Only 1 downfall- not enough languages 😕🤨☹️. Give us more PLEASE - iTranslate VOICE - MORE

Great app!

Great app. My mother in law doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, and with this app, I can finally converse with her for the first time in 15 years.

Pretty good

Would like to change from male to female and be able to speed up and slow down


Use all the time in hospital ED great app!

Very Good

Very quick and easy way to learn another language. Very good.

App helped me save a life

Very helpful in keeping foreign speaking visitors safe

Bad Spanish to English translation

Doesn’t recognize basic Spanish sentences.

Great App

Very happy to speak different languages while traveling to Jakarta

Lost in translation

Here in is the on going problem::: the Chinese all talk at once . They all talk from different parts of country ... They understand 1/3 of what each other says ...if that ! I translate is wonderful but in any ongoing conversation the translation gets lost very quickly.... then conversations start over again... not simple or easy at ! It becomes a Redundant situation ......... so conversation starts over and over and over ! No Chinese talk the same ! Thanks for listening Battle b.

I translate

It really helps when you are in a pinch.


So far the app has done comparably the same, if not less, for simply translating voice to text as to what both Google Translate and Microsoft Translator Apps are currently able to do, however each of those are 100% FREE and contain ZERO Adds while in use. As well, they both contain far more advanced features in many ways! And I’m very sorry, but to not have the Hebrew language as one of the supported languages in your now “essential tools” section? I’m sorry, but that is what has dropped my rating to the 2 STARS you have received. I paid for this App, and until improvements that are certainly necessary are made, that’s where my rating will remain.

I love it

I like listening and learning different languages

Super Helpful!

Wonderfully quick and easy to use!

Absolutely Awsome

I love this app! It is so easy to use & so incredibly helpful. I was concerned at first that the translation would not be always be accurate. I have studied Spanish for 4 years so when I purchased this app I found it to be accurate.

Great app

Needs more languages. Where is Philippines?

Love thisApp!!

I’ve been playing around with this app as we are going to Italy in a couple of days (for a month). Can hardly wait to use it there! Will give another review when I use it for real! Ciao!

Great Stuff

It’s so nice to have a translator when you need it.

Buen servicio

Siempre tengo la traducción a tiempo y muy acertada.

Works pretty well

Was able to actually communicate between brother and law and my self. Highly recommend.

Speed control

It’s a great app, except I wish there was a way to slow down the speed of the translation.


I have a very hard head when it comes to learning other languages and this translation program has been super helpful for me and I would advise having it. I give it four stars just for all the help that is has given me.

I really like this App

It’s so easy to use. I will need this to communicate with people that need help. I’m studying to be an Occupational Therapist.

Fun and easy to use!

My husband doesn’t speak a word of French so he loves to use this app when he goes out without me!

Gino from L’Oreal

What a great APP!!!

better than google translate

its like night and day comparison, this never freaks out, freezes or has to repetitively closed the opened unlike google translate to use.

Cara for sale by owner



I’m using it to learn Spanish. It’s So easy to use. I translate my slang phrases or just words and txt them. I can say whatever I want. I love this app and have recommended it to all of my friends.

I hate it

I want to type in a phrase because I CANNOT SPEAK SPANISH!!! What good is Voice recognition if I can’t pronounce it properly 😖


This is a paid for app. The translation from English to Chinese is amazing since I upgraded to pro.

My love in the Dominican republic

I recently went down to Dominican republic got married I do not speak any Spanish all I had was a text translator. Then I noticed the other day they had a voice translator and now it is so much easier to communicate I could speak to her and she can speak to me in translation she was so happy to hear what I was used to text but here in her own language by voice so until I learn to speak the language this is the perfect way for us to communicate I’ll probably upgrade to some wireless earbuds voice translation system that are available soon

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